Is Deinking News History?
With newsprint consumption in Australia down at least 15% (approximately 100,000 tonnes) for what was already a debateable deinking news quality at 70-80%, newspapers content is now at best, 55%.  By definition this is a Soft Mixed export quality.
Should reduction in consumption parallel America (down 21.5% this July from July 2008), deinking mills will either need to sort even more at destination, or pay for positive sorted News from the MRF source, in order to obtain their desired quality.  This is going to be a slower process and more expensive to obtain.
In Australia, the demand for good quality recovered newspapers has increased, both with Kitty Litter and more recently Insulation, to a point where fiber is insufficient to satisfy all needs. Unless councils revert back to keeping newspapers and cardboard as a separate stream, this ends single stream comingling. No doubt the rebate for insulation will inevitably end and with it a collapse of new entrants into fiber insulation.
Recent export data has shown a decline in the total volume by 7% (90,000 tonnes) to 1.2 million tonnes from Australia, and 3% from New Zealand (9,000 tonnes). Concurrently, mechanical fiber has declined as Mixed has been increasing for a number of years.  As a consequence, recovery data will be very difficult to estimate for newspapers as it is for office papers.