Industry Data
Whilst the paper and printing industry may carry a few associations responsible for data analysis, namely, Paper Round, PNEB, Australian Catalogue, APIA, PIAA,  these are few compared to government.  The question is, who has the data for decision making that is up-to-date, accurate and available?  It still does not exist.
The latest Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics (ABARE) provides a paper and board recovery rate of 72.5% ( 3.032 million tonnes ) (Source: ABS, International Trade, Australia, cat. no. 5465.0, Canberra; A3P; ABARE) very admirable if correct, but when it is 20% or almost a million tonnes out, then what is the use?  Both industry and governments are responsible for accurate data and the question must be asked are either party truly interested?
Industry sources are quoting 12% recovery of printing and writing papers, which is historical misleading data provided to DECC from domestic mills.
Has this incorrect data led to the NSW Department of State and Regional Development (whose overheads are paid by taxpayers), facilitating Chinese paper mills to open sales and procurement offices in Australia?  This is in direct competition with Australian owned companies who pay their overheads.  When can we obtain data which allows informed decision making and sensible government policy?