Deutsche Bank Place at 126 Phillip Street

Great Team Work Creates a New Sustainability Benchmark


Deutsche Bank Place at 126 Phillip Street in Sydney, with approximately 3000 people on 31 floors, is a shining example of what can be done when a good team is focused on continuous improvement in their sustainability practices.


Recycling figures for the property for 2006/2007 put the level of diversion of waste from land fill at an overall average for the year of 79% per month. This outstanding result is the greatest level of waste diversion for Investa Property Group, owners and managers of the building, across their Australian portfolio.


Paper makes up 42% of the building’s waste. It takes a lot less energy to produce new office paper from old office paper rather than producing it from virgin pulp. However, without ‘at source’ separation from other contaminating waste, a lot of paper that is recycled would be ‘down cycled’ to cardboard or other lower grade paper products.


The Paper To Paper bin, which sits neatly under each of the 3000 desks within the Deutsche Bank Place building, makes it easy to separate waste paper where it is created. Waste paper slips easily into the lower section of the unit, protected from other contaminating waste which is collected in the top compartment.


According to General Manager of 126 Phillip St, Kerry Wade the unique Paper To Paper at source separation waste bin is a key driver in the impressive recycling results within the building, with 100% of the 250 tonnes of used office paper from the property diverted back to the production of clean paper each year.


To streamline waste collection, cleaning contractors for the building Glad Cleaning Services had a specially designed trolley commissioned. This innovative system has created cleaning efficiencies and time savings for waste collection and further protects the waste paper from contamination.


According to Ravindra Shambanna, General Manager of Glad, the tenants at Deutsche Bank Place take great pride in their waste management success and share a strong commitment to the sustainable practices that are implemented there.


Team work and communication are key to the success. There is a ‘Tool Box’ meeting for all Glad cleaners once a month, so they can be given feedback on the excellent results of their work, as well as appropriate rewards and incentives. Galloway Environmental Waste Management provides recycling reports each month to Investa, who pass these on to Glad Cleaning Services, as well as the building’s tenants. In this way, everybody takes ownership and can be proud of the result.