Paper Stock Grade Changes

ISRI - Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

2016 Paper Stock Grade Changes

As announced by the Paper Stock Industries committee on October 15th at the Chicago Paper and Plastics Conference, from April 2016 the recovered paper export definitions are officially changing for Bulk grades with the elimination of PS-6/7/8 Old Newspaper grades due to single stream (co-mingled) processing together with the reduction in newsprint consumption.

These grades are being replaced by three mixed grades:

  • SRP – Sorted residential papers (soft mixed) free of brown grades.
    Maximum 3% fibre outthrows and 2% prohibitive   
  • SMP – Sorted mixed papers, where brown grades would be included.
    Maximum 4% fibre outthrows and 1% prohibitive
  • SHM - Sorted hard mixed, with majority brown grades, boxboard, household papers, containing 10% white and coloured papers
    Prohibitive not to exceed 2%.

And one news grade:

  • SCN – Sorted clean news, former OINP # 9 over-issued news will now also comprise coated groundwood sections (CGS) and inserts but no brown grades, generated also from paper drives and drop-off centres.
    Zero outthtrows and prohibitive materials allowed


Please refer to these changes for future tender invitations and correspondence.


So what does this really mean, bearing in mind current grades selling descriptions?

  1. There will be no more recovered paper description known as ONP
  2. Sellers will need to be accurate with their sale offers
  3. A potential drop in MRF income due to Mixed paper price levels
  4. A maximum of 2% prohibitives must also fall into line with Chinese higher environmental import standards
  5. Mixed papers can no longer be disguised as a higher export grade
  6. Newspapers recovery estimates will be even harder
  7. The demand for separated OIMG may weaken with SCN light weight coated inclusions