About Us
Paper To Paper™ was established in 1980. Promoting and supporting the recovery of paper from the waste stream. Paper To Paper is a pro-active initiative for white paper recovery from government and commercial premises for recycling.

The Paper To Paper concept is a simple one, paper is manufactured, purchased, used, collected, sorted and returned to paper mills for reprocessing.

To achieve positive outcomes Paper To Paper is a multi-disciplinary organisation offering services and products in a range of areas from paper recovery, paper recycling, product stewardship, waste auditing, equipment consulting and education.

With the global shrinkage of paper and board consumption more emphasis is being placed on zero waste to landfill from all commodity material consumers and waste processors with an emphasis on accurate waste measurement and carbon reporting.

Paper To Paper has been a leader in unique software and waste receptacle development to achieve these goals.

Paper To Paper is Closing the Loop in the Office Paper Life Cycle maximising paper yield and quality for the highest end use option.